About Picket Lane

Picket lane nursery began 12 years ago when Neil, Frankie and Pippa first walked over ten and a half acres of abandoned arable land, untouched for at least 50 years. We had a vision to turn it into a garden with a difference – but knew this was going to take a lifetime.

Gradually the gardens began to take shape, the nursery grew, and so did the workload. Now, at the start of 2018, we have what has become a great place to visit, wander round the gardens, see new plants and what’s more, see them growing, not just in black plastic pots.

Last year we increased the garden by over 1000 square yards by creating our ‘White’ Garden complete with pond, so now visitors can see how the completed garden will be. Every colour represented by extensive areas separated by hedges all set off by fantastic long views of the rolling West Dorset countryside.

Come and give us a visit. Gardens are free, car parking is free but sadly, no coffee or cake.